The Cheese Society





There is no end to cheese education – the science behind it, the makers, and not least, the mammals who make cheese possible. The society will educate members about all aspects of farming, animal husbandry, cheesemaking, and the alchemy that is cheese. As this program evolves, we see field trips (think goat cuddling) and journeys to meet producers in our future.


Artisanal and farmstead cheese makers are frequently too busy to promote themselves – here’s our chance to help lift them out of obscurity. We elevate by “turning the lights on” and illuminating cheesemakers outside the spotlight of the mass market. To bring producers worthy of being celebrated for their dairying (and cheese!) into plain view and give you a tasty reason to be all about it.

Cheese Plate


The Culpeper Cheese Society is here to support the growth of responsible and sustainable cheese-making. Eating cheese may be the most pleasurable way to enable this goal- right? Through our collective actions of buying, eating, and celebrating cheese, society members will impact change aligned with the Culpeper Cheese Company and Society. Everyone deserves a seat at the proverbial cheese table and we take that mission personally, actively seeking ways to engage and empower the broadest cross-section in what we do and making sure that all feel welcome.