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We encourage you to play with your food – no, really! Cheese is often served on its own board, typically with cheese and crackers, and while we think that can be great, it can also be so much more. At the Culpeper Cheese Company, in line with our mission to broaden education around dairy, we offer a variety of classes to do just that. From learning how to cook with cheese, to putting together the perfect cheese plate, to learning all about special pairings, keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to learn from some experts! 

Previous Classes

CTEC + Cheese Culture Coalition

We were thrilled to take our love of cheese to the Culpeper Technical Education Center this March with the help of the Cheese Culture Coalition. With a focus on women in cheesemaking, in light of Women’s History Month, we thoroughly enjoyed bringing a bit of curd-goodness to the students and hope that we opened the world of dairy to new minds!


In February, we were honored to host Pamela Won and learn some of the secrets to her “Pampanada” recipe.