Cheese Program Development & More


Jeffery Mitchell is happy to offer his 30+ years of experience to your business. Whether you need something cheese related, general food thoughts, or an artistic vision to help you with your next step, his depth of knowledge will help you develop and implement your vision.

Team Training

Cheese & Your Establishment

The Culpeper Cheese Company exists to educate, elevate, and empower when it comes to cheese. We envision a world where everyone has access to cheese and the level of education to engage in the cheese-making process at all levels. Through our efforts, we aim to elevate small cheese producers who have not reached the mass market, to illuminate the hard work of Americans persevering in this delicious field. Recognizing the climate we live in, we also seek to empower our communities to strive towards sustainability and responsible practices. Overall, we think cheese means more than just a collection of curds. It’s a magical substance that we think can change the world and we’re just crazy enough to try.

If you’re interested in introducing a cheese program to your establishment, taking your current program to the next level, or just need some help to get started, we offer training programs to help you!

Standard Cheese Experience

Curderrific Experience

Cheesetastic Experience

Over-the-Wheel Experience

Just the cheese

Expert cheese plates, every time.

If all you want is to add a cheese plate to your current program, we’ve got you covered. You can rely on a Certified Cheese Professional to asses your preferences, menu, and desired taste profile to design a cheese offering that pairs perfectly and is sure to delight customers.

Ready to Get Serious About Cheese?

Just kidding – it will actually be a bunch of fun, we promise. If you’re looking for business consulting from an experienced professional, want to train your team and bring cheese to your establishment, or just want to add some cheese to your menu, we’re here to help.