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Jeffery Mitchell | Owner

An unabashed turophile, Jeffery Mitchell sliced into the cheese industry after decades in commercial photography.  Upon departing Kodak’s Digital and Applied Imaging Division, Mitchell started a neighborhood wine and cheese shop in Culpeper, Virginia. His love for cheese soon overtook the wine store (The Frenchman’s Cellar) which was subsequently re-branded Culpeper Cheese Company, “CCC”, to reflect the focus of his passion. 

CCC pioneered artisanal and farmstead cheeses in a cut-to-order cheese counter and subsequently a cheese-themed restaurant.  CCC developed a following over a decade and earned multiple local accolades including “Best Small Business” and “Best Customer Service,” together with successive Certificate of Excellence awards from TripAdvisor.

Mitchell has actively pursued cheese education earning his ACS-CCP certification in 2015.  He attended Jasper Hill’s Cheese Camp and is frequently found at dairies learning more about cheese. His cheese contributions include work for SAVOR, American Cheese Society – Cheese Sale Lead 2017-19, Founding partner Bleu & Brew Cheese and Beer Festival, and a local cheese column, Curd Quips. 

Always in pursuit of furthering his cheese knowledge by connecting with cheesemakers far and wide, Jeffery looks forward to meeting some of the producers he’s revered for ages, as well as sharing this educational opportunity with his longtime customers, as he rebuilds Culpeper Cheese with a more ambitious vision and mission than ever before.







Core Values

These are the essence of everything we do and keep us aligned as we strive to expand the Culpeper Cheese Family. 

A Family Affair…

The Daughter

Elise shared a birthday with the store from the beginning, so had a decision to make – love it or hate it. She chose to love it! She started working at the shop as soon as she was able, first just helping to organize the inventory in the back, then taking on the cheese case as she learned more. Now she has a deep passion for bringing cheese and good food to the people and is still helping out her Papa however she can.

The Son

As in all family businesses, everyone gets pulled in somehow and Matthew was no exception. Even when he wasn’t the biggest fan of cheese, he loved meeting the livestock that produced it and helping keep us grounded with his great sense of humor. As he grew, he started working at a local winery and brought his varied skills back to the shop to help out. 

The Wife

Jennifer believed in Jeffery’s dream from the beginning and helped him get the shop off the ground. With her exceptional ability to problem-solve, she quickly became the lynchpin of the operation, helping out with hiring, finances, product selection, and filling in every position around the store when she was (and is) needed.  

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