Culpeper Cheese Co

We love our tried-and-true offerings—there’s a reason they’re always in the shop! But we are always thrilled to discover new products and are so excited about some of the recent additions to our shelves! That we can connect them to the Beatles is just the parmesan on top. (we’re trying to coin a new phrase – do you think it’ll take off?)

The husband-and-wife duo behind Kansas City Canning Company aim to elevate the art of canned vegetables. Their inventive line of regional and seasonal veggies (Pickled radishes) and unique spins on favorites (Bread and butter brussel sprouts) springs from their mutual love of canning, borne from childhood experiences. That their canned products are as tasty as they are inventive comes as no surprise when you review their (impressive) culinary chops. We are truly excited to introduce our Kansas City lineup selections to you.   

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The musical connection? Kansas City was the Beatles’ first song on Beatles VI. Kansas City Canning is now on our shelves, so do yourself a favor and try some today!

Album VI also featured Dizzy Miss Lizzy, which is perfect since we brought in Ms. Lizzie’s cheese straws, another delicious must-try item. 

And if we needed more connections, the Beatles played their one and only show in Kansas in early June 1965. All of this points to a great month to enjoy good music and try some of our new favorites!